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Über mich
i am actually as a indian guy wants to do every thing as my desire says.becoz i want to make my life perefect as in the sense of carrier or in any other sense , but i dont want to be like prisoner in one personalaly who comes from job and eat food and go to sleep everyday . i want to manage my life in every second. i want to make every second perfect managed. i am truelly interested in out going and also interested in some adventures.
hobbies as i have already said here
my wish are different but i will definately try my best to reach my wish but i l never bag for my wish
Wandern, Fahrradfahren, Yoga, Walking, Fallschirmspringen, Fotografieren, Sport, Fitness, Musik - Soul, Technik, Grillen, Fremdsprache lernen, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Ausgehen

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